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Artist statement

Amayi Morales is a multimedia artist interested in how built environments affect interpersonal connections. She uses her art as research to develop spaces that promote social-wellness within varying architectural, linguistic, and economic contexts. Through mark-making gestures that range from micro to macro, she positions the body as a metaphor for the very structures that bodies inhabit. Simultaneously, the gestures are metaphors for mapping the body in space through which she aspires to understand the psychological effects of places on human relationships. Morales aims to make these techniques of embodied expression accessible to youth, those labeled with disabilities, and older adults (in elder-care contexts) to promote art education and critical thinking about the places we inhabit.


Morales was born in East San Diego, CA and currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA. She received her BFA from San Francisco Art Institute in 2020. During her time at SFAI she was awarded an Ivan Majdrakoff Materials Award and Honors Studio at the Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture in 2019 and 2020. She has been featured in exhibitions that include Avatars// Ghosts at Nave Gallery// Somerville MA, Story Telling, Poetry as Critical Form, and curated Corporeal Prison at Diego Rivera Gallery// San Francisco Art Institute.

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